DP promises to ‘punish’ Walukagga for singing at NRM event

Democratic Party (DP) has cut ties with Kadongokamu artiste, Mathias Walukagga over performing at an NRM rally.

Trouble for the artist, who is famous for his songs highlighting the plight of Ugandans, started recently when he performed at the campaign rallies of NRM party candidates in Mutukula in Kakuuto Sub County in Kyotera district.

After his performance, Walukaga asked voters to cast their ballots for Patrick Kintu Kisekulo and Rachael Nakitende, the NRM candidates for the Kyotera LC V Chairperson and Woman MP seats respectively, saying they are the best. Walukagga said that he sang at the rallies for commercial reasons.  

He disclosed that was invited to perform by his friend Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo, the Micro- Finance State Minister and Patrick Kintu Kisekulo. He also disclosed that General Salim Saleh, the Commander of Operation Wealth Creation who injected millions in the artiste’s Savings and Credits Cooperative Society also persuaded him to sing. However, the decision by Walukagga to perform and campaign for NRM candidates hasn’t gone down well with DP members.

Dick Lukyamuzi, a member of the Democratic Party National Executive Committee, says Walukagga shocked them. According to Lukyamuzi, they will turn down Walukagga’s request for the DP party ticket for the Masaka mayoral seat in the 2021 elections. 

He also says they will compel Walukagga to compensate them for using their slogan “Kogikwatako” to release a song that has made him a lot of money and severe ties with the party since they don’t want to associate with a person who deals with those promoting injustice. 

Recently, Walukagga released a song title K’ogikwatako literary meaning “Should You Dare Touch It”. DP crafted the K’ogikwatako slogan to mobilise support against the proposed amendment of Article 102 (b), which limits the presidential age limit to between 35 and 75 years of age.

Walukagga has had a strong bond with the Democratic Party. The artiste appeared at almost all the campaign rallies of DP ahead of the 2016 polls. During the same elections, he campaigned and sung at the campaign rallies of Masaka Municipality MP, Mathias Mpuuga, Florence Namayanja, Bukoto East, Mary Babirye Kabanda, Masaka woman MP and Masaka LC V Chairperson, Jude Mbabaali. 

Some of the songs released by Walukagga highlighting the injustices in Uganda include Palamenti Yaffe in, which he criticizes legislators for enacting unfair laws without consulting voters. The others are Abantu Bakoowu, Twatamwa Enaku and Referee.


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