Besigye: We will increase teachers, doctors pay


Kisoro- Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye and the party president Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, yesterday asked the people of Kisoro to support the Opposition if they want development, saying their voting NRM almost 100 per cent over the years has not helped the area.


They said the places where the Opposition is strong are better off compared to Kisoro.


While campaigning for Dr Besigye at Rubuguri Trading Centre in Bufumbira North, Gen Muntu said: “Forget 100 per cent votes you have been giving to NRM and Mr Museveni if you want to develop. Areas that are opposed to the government are getting better services,” Gen Muntu said.


Gen Muntu spoke after FDC chairman in Rukuguri Trading Centre Joseph Asiimwe, who welcomed the team, said the area suffers daily loadshedding and that the road network is poor.


Mr Asiimwe said the country is earning a lot of money from gorillas in the area but the money is not invested back in the area. “You must leave Museveni, if not stop crying of problems,” Gen Muntu said.


Dr Besigye said the government tarmacked Kabale-Kisoro road as a result of pressure from the Opposition.

He said if FDC gets into power they will raise pay for primary school teachers to Shs650,000 and that of doctors to Shs3.5 million.


The least paid teacher in a government primary school takes home Shs37, 900. For doctors, a medical officer takes home Shs900,000, a medical officer special grade Shs1.3m, a consultant Shs2.7m, while a senior consultant gets a net pay of Shs3 million. “I have sourced this information from a knowledgeable doctor and teacher,” Dr Besigye said.

He added that: “Uganda is a rich country but resources are not going to priority areas and the rest is swindled. We don’t fight Museveni as a person but the bad system. Ugandans live in a country as refugees, and it is you to liberate yourself.”


He said that in the ‘New Uganda’ they seek to build they will focus on promoting welfare of the majority.Dr Besigye also addressed a rally at Muramba in Bufumbira South and Kisoro Municipality.


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